Intelligent Solutions

1. TransPromo

With the evolution of transactional printing in mind, TransPromo has arisen as a new relationship marketing tool offering the opportunity to incorporate marketing messages in transactional documents such as payment slips, invoices, bank statements, insurance policies and financial documents in general. BMK was also a pioneer in this area in Brazil developing a transpromotional solution for a large financial institute, considered the best use of TransPromo in the world.

2. Cross Media/Multi-Channel

BMK develops campaigns for its clients which are integrated with all types of media, whether print or digital, and seeks to improve returns. Clients can rely on a multi-channel tool to reach their target audience.

3. Advice on agency/client relations

With more than 30 years' experience in the sector, BMK offers its consultancy services for improving agencies' client growth processes. The company guarantees appropriate concept adaptation for graphic projects with variable content and assures the quality of the product.

4. Process management and campaign optimisation to increase ROI

BMK analyses and manages the client's whole production chain, starting with the campaign's conception and including not just printing services but all the processes and logistics involved in the creation and production. This even includes the posting of the document and maintains the focus on providing the best cost for the client and increasing ROI.

5. Web to print

Using this tool, BMK clients can solicit, edit and approve a printout online by using templates or personalised models during the preview stage. This tool is ideal for the production of simple communications such as payment notification letters and other notices.


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