Industrial Waste Management and Selective Rubbish Collection:

BMK's System of Industrial Waste Management has generated partnerships with institutions, NGOs, cooperatives and companies specialised in the transport, removal and appropriate treatment of all and any type of waste (solid, liquid or mercurial) produced by the company's activities.

Selective Waste Collection covers all of BMK's administrative and operational areas. Standardised receptacles are used for the collection of plastic, paper, metal, glass and batteries.

The material is donated to a cooperative certified by São Paulo Municipal Council who is responsible for its treatment and the separation and disposal of the different types of waste. BMK recently won a 'Green Seal' from Druck Chemie, one of the main providers of chemical products for the printing industry. The Green Seal certificate sets us apart, proving that BMK preserves the environment and follows all the applicable legislation for all of the activities developed in its productive trajectory.


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