BMK creates Bradesco’s first TransPromo

Bradesco bank was looking for a way of improving its customer communications, promote up-selling and cross-selling and still improve its customer retention rate.

Employing HP technology, Bradesco changed its monthly communications by making them more colourful, including personalised offers and using analytical CRM techniques to maximise the value and benefits of its data. To achieve this, a pilot programme centred around a selection of customers was developed to extremely tight deadlines.

The project spanned 9 different departments across the bank, 12 template pieces and a differentiated and multifaceted group which participated in the study. The time for getting the pilot on air was 120 days, from the idea's conception to the arrival of the first TransPromo piece in the customer's letterbox.

Partnership between BNK and HP Indigo Support guaranteed that deadlines were met at an affordable cost and insured that the ROI was extremely positive.


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