Vision, mission and values


To be an innovative market leader, boasting excellence at meeting demands and in the handling of information, processing of documents and use of marketing tools.


Our mission is to create personalised and innovative solutions for document and information management. We provide quality, integrity, reliability and sustainability by way of research and development, allowing our clients to exceed their expectations, never forgetting the value of all those involved in the process.

Our values:






Who are we

1970s: BMK starts life in Rio de Janeiro as a service provider to BCN bank.

1980s: BMK helps to propagate microfilming processes in the printing services market.

1991: BMK surpasses its rivals once again as it develops a cheque personalization process for laser printers. This leads to BMK's entry into the area of security printing services, developing processes for the printing of large volumes.

2008: BMK signs a deal with HP in the digital sphere and implants TransPromo services, receiving the award of the best global use of variable data for the product Extrato Bradesco.

The company becomes a reference for sustainable practice in its sector. As well as using only FSC-certified paper, it employs material recycling programmes and industrial waste management.

About us

BMK is a pioneer and national leader in the printing and development of intelligent documents and solutions for the management of variable, transactional or transpromotional data, customised to maximise its clients' professional results.

BMK's target audience includes companies in the banking, finance and insurance sectors, who require secure and personalised communication with their customers.

BMK solutions are available in integrated multi-channel platforms which reap the benefits of the various multimedia resources already available such as printouts, emails, the internet, CDs, Fax, text messages and mobile telephones, among others.

Key figures

350 toneladas papel/mês.

100.000.000 Impressões Eletrônicas P&B

60.000.000 Impressões Eletrônicas Cor

1.000.000 de talões/mês.


40.000.000 de Auto-envelopes

25.000.000 Inserções/mês.

412 funcionários e colaboradores

8.000 metros quadrados

Adoption of eco-efficent cleaning products:

BMK has adopted the GreenPack system. This involves using a set of cleaning and personal hygiene products in bathrooms, changing rooms and sinks in BMK's administrative and operational areas. The goal is to guarantee our collaborators' health when using cleaning products at work and to protect the environment by using eco-efficient products formulated with plant extracts (such as babassu, palm, and castor oil, saponified with natural enzymes) from renewable sources and free of petroleum derivatives. BMK received GreenPack's 'Green Seal' of environmental responsibility for these steps.


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